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Tradesharemarket has hundreds of full-time, dedicated Client Engagement crypto and finance specialists, trained on the ins-and-outs of all our products and services. Our team is distributed across the world, fluent in a wide range of languages, responds quickly with personalized solutions and works every day of the year – even major holidays. We provide a level of support that is unmatched in the crypto industry.

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If you’re awake, we are too. When you need help, our team of experts will work with you via our 24/7 live chat to reach a quick and efficient resolution.

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Our dedicated support specialists are here to help you 24/7.

Tradesharemarket’s support team is the best in the industry. Issues that take weeks to solve on other exchanges are usually solved within 24 hours by your support team.”

Quick and reliable support by email

With industry leading satisfaction rates and response times, as well as support in multiple different languages, we are always available by email to lend a helping hand – no matter the issue.

Get the resources you need on Support Center

Our Support Center is loaded with in-depth articles to help you troubleshoot problems or learn more on your own.

Securing your account

We have built out our support library based on years of direct interaction with clients. It is a wealth of knowledge made available to you, covering everything from getting started to common questions about the Tradesharemarket platform.

  • Get started with Tradesharemarket
  • Verifying your account
  • Securing your account
  • Adding funds for trading

Advanced Trading Documentation

Get all the in-depth information you need on advanced order types and API usage with our advanced product documentation.

  • Get started with our trading guide
  • See all our API documentation
  • Learn how to use margin on Tradesharemarket

90% client satisfaction score, for a reason

Tradesharemarket’s support team has a proven track record of providing prompt and exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to lend a helping hand – no matter the issue.

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